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Zombie Children's Book

Zombies: The Stinking Dead

One Halloween night while reading spooky stories, Giler and Saru hear a strange noise. Saru is sure it must be zombies, but Giler’s never even heard of them. He quickly gets a crash course in what zombies are and how to be prepared in case they attack.

Best read in a funny voice, this e-book is filled with loads of gross, stinky monsters and two good friends willing to do anything to make it to the dawn. It’s perfect for the Halloween season.

Appropriate for kids ages 4-8, and maybe some brave younger kids or silly older ones as well. (My two-year-old thought it was funny.) The book contains, mild, cartoonish action such as a zombie getting bopped on the head and LOTS of stinky monsters.

Yay books!

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English Conversation Book for Beginners

Conversation: for Competent Beginners

This book is a collection of 26 of the best lesson handouts I’ve ever made. Each one focusses on conversation through the use of clear, easy-to-drill examples, natural dialogue and techniques such as asking follow-up questions and adding extra information in the easiest ways possible.

The worksheets and activities in this book have been used with students who already have some familiarity with English and are ready to have short, independent conversations.

Pages are designed for easy printing with loads of great examples, replacement drills, conversations, and of course, plenty of amazing images!

You and your students are going to love it! So get yours today!

What’s included in the book? 

Greetings – starting conversations, introductions
Jobs – what you do, adding information
Coworkers – describing personalities
Yesterday – talking about past, adding information
Have you ever been to__? – where you were born, grew up

Weather – describing weather in different places, seasons
Sports – using do, go, play
Last – When did you ___ last? Describing experience
Family – brothers / sisters, yes/no questions, relationships
Neighborhood – Places to live, locations

How long – does it take? 
Future – going to, probably going to, might, negatives
Invitations – do you want to, let’s
Time – future times, going to, clock time
Likes – sports, movies, games, regular free time activities

Pets – yes/no questions – preferences, comparisons
Favorites – movies, actors, sports, food, reasons
Feelings – feeling sick, describing symptoms
Last Summer – how many times, how long
Else – daily chores, activities

What / Where / When – Wh questions, conversation
How often – once/twice a week, every day, never
Free time – movies, novels, internet, sports
Tomorrow – conversation flow, follow-up questions
Last weekend – past events, using, omitting to
Saying goodbye – ending conversations

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using else in English conversation
English conversation last weekend
talking about the weather in English
one hundred common uncommon words

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