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100 Common Uncommon Words


…grew out of my love of words which, after all, represent an endless stream of amazing ideas.
This book is best used with highly competent speakers of English as many of the terms in the book are commonly misspelled or misused even by native speakers. If you’re teaching upper intermediate to advanced students this might be the book for you.
Each page has two word images, descriptions and examples of the words with short explanations. Every 10 words there is an activity page with review questions, fill-in-the-blanks or word-find activities in order to help students review those particular terms and practice them. (I’ve even included the answers at the end of the book.)
At the end of the book you’ll find all of the images without text which you can print out as flashcards to help students review and memorize.
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The words here are grouped in 10 categories:
– an introductory group,
– uncommon opposites,
– words that sound the same,
– formal words,
– commonly misused words,
– words of love,
– French words used in English,
– commonly misspelled words,
– words with mythic origin,
and some fun, seemingly nonsensical words. 

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