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Zombies: The Stinking Dead


Zombies: The Stinking Dead

One Halloween night while reading spooky stories, Giler and Saru hear a strange noise. Saru is sure it must be zombies, but Giler’s never even heard of them before. He gets a crash course in what zombies are and how to be prepared in case they attack.
Best read in a funny voice this e-book is filled with loads of gross, stinky monsters and two good friends willing to do anything to make it to the dawn. It’s appropriate for kids ages 6-8, and maybe some brave younger kids and is perfect for the Halloween season. The book contains, mild, cartoonish action such as a zombie getting bopped on the head and LOTS of stinky monsters.
Early artwork for this book was included in a group show a couple years ago with the Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators. Now here it is ready for you and your little zombies.

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