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My English Images brings free images, worksheets and materials to teachers and students around the world. And now you can get premium materials here in the shop as well. As a teacher and parent I know it’s not always easy to purchase all the materials we want. That’s one reason I started this site. I was dissatisfied with the materials available to me so I started making my own.

As you know, over time the site grew and continues to do so. But right from he start, I wanted to get feedback to make the materials better and to grow as a creator. So I’m incredibly grateful for all the feedback and support my friends in the teaching community give me.

Keeping up operational costs on this site is now my main expense when it comes to materials. So any time you pick up one of my books, the money goes towards paying for this site. After all, this isn’t the kind of thing anyone gets rich with overnight, or ever for that matter. So thank you again for all your support.

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One last thing, I offer original books and other materials here on the shop and always have something new on the way. And I love hearing your stories about how you use these materials. So if they help in your classes, I’m very glad. Any feedback or suggestions you have are a big help. You can get in touch with requests or bug reports any time at: