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My English Images brings free images, worksheets and materials to teachers and students around the world. And now you can get premium materials here in the shop as well. As a teacher and parent I know it’s not always easy to purchase all the materials we want. That’s one reason I started this site. I was dissatisfied with the materials available to me so I started making my own.

As you know, over time the site grew and continues to do so. But right from he start, I wanted to get feedback to make the materials better and to grow as a creator. So I’m incredibly grateful for all the feedback and support my friends in the teaching community give me.

Keeping up operational costs on this site is now my main expense when it comes to materials. So any time you pick up one of my books, the money goes towards paying for this site. After all, this isn’t the kind of thing anyone gets rich with overnight, or ever for that matter. So thank you again for all your support.

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One last thing, I offer original books and other materials here on the shop and always have something new on the way. And I love hearing your stories about how you use these materials. So if they help in your classes, I’m very glad. Any feedback or suggestions you have are a big help. You can get in touch with requests or bug reports any time at:

  • This donation supports students and teachers through the creation and distribution of teacher-created materials on My English Images.
  • This donation supports students and teachers through the creation and distribution of teacher-created materials on My English Images.
  • Zombies: The Stinking Dead

    One Halloween night while reading spooky stories, Giler and Saru hear a strange noise. Saru is sure it must be zombies, but Giler’s never even heard of them before. He gets a crash course in what zombies are and how to be prepared in case they attack. space Best read in a funny voice this e-book is filled with loads of gross, stinky monsters and two good friends willing to do anything to make it to the dawn. It’s appropriate for kids ages 6-8, and maybe some brave younger kids and is perfect for the Halloween season. The book contains, mild, cartoonish action such as a zombie getting bopped on the head and LOTS of stinky monsters. space Early artwork for this book was included in a group show a couple years ago with the Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators. Now here it is ready for you and your little zombies.

  • …grew out of my love of words which, after all, represent an endless stream of amazing ideas. space This book is best used with highly competent speakers of English as many of the terms in the book are commonly misspelled or misused even by native speakers. If you’re teaching upper intermediate to advanced students this might be the book for you. space Each page has two word images, descriptions and examples of the words with short explanations. Every 10 words there is an activity page with review questions, fill-in-the-blanks or word-find activities in order to help students review those particular terms and practice them. (I’ve even included the answers at the end of the book.) space At the end of the book you’ll find all of the images without text which you can print out as flashcards to help students review and memorize. space Get a free sample by clicking here! space The words here are grouped in 10 categories: – an introductory group, – uncommon opposites, – words that sound the same, – formal words, – commonly misused words, – words of love, – French words used in English, – commonly misspelled words, – words with mythic origin, and some fun, seemingly nonsensical words. 

  • Conversation for Competent Beginners is a collection of 26 of the best lesson handouts for English learners practicing speaking. Each sheet or lesson focuses on conversation through the use of clear, easy-to-drill examples, natural dialogue and techniques like asking follow-up questions and adding extra information in the easiest ways possible. They have been used with students who already have some familiarity with English and are ready to have short conversations. space Pages are designed for easy printing with loads of great examples, replacement drills, and dialogues for students to review, along with, of course, lots of amazing images. You and your students are going to love it and buy purchasing you help support all the free materials elsewhere on the site. space What’s included in the book? Greetings – starting a conversation, introducing yourself and asking questions. Jobs – talking about what you do and adding more information. Coworkers – describing people’s personalities, like coworkers & family members. Yesterday – talking about the past and adding extra information. Have you ever been to__? – where you were born, where you grew up. Weather – describing the weather in different places and times of year. Sports – talking about the past and using do, go, play to describe activities. Last – When did you ___ last? Describing past experience. Family – brothers and sisters, yes no questions, relationships. Neighborhood – Places to live, locations. How long – does it take? travel and transportation. Future – going to, probably going to, might plus negatives. Invitations – do you want to, let’s. Time – future times, going to, and clock time. Likes – sports, movies, games, regular free time activities. Pets – yes / no questions – preferences, comparisons. Favorites – movies, actors, sports, food using because. Feelings – feeling sick and describing it. Last Summer – how many times, how long Else – daily chores and activities, else, also. What / Where / When – Wh questions and conversation. How often – once a week, twice, every day, never Free time – movies, novels, the internet, sports. Tomorrow – conversation flow and follow up questions. Last weekend – past events, using and omitting to. Saying goodbye – ending a conversation, saying goodbye, adding more.