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american English pronunciation podcastAmerican English Pronunciation

American English Pronunciation podcast can be a big help to teachers or advanced English students. People often ask me how they can improve their listening skills and one way to do that is by improving or focussing on pronunciation. Knowing what sounds to make means knowing what sounds to listen for. One thing I stress for some students is that they don’t need to pronounce things exactly the way native speakers do. For many lower-level students using a dropped T sound or a softened D sound might be a bit tough. Practicing it once or twice isn’t going to make them suddenly sound like they are native speakers. But practicing those sounds and being aware of them is a step along the way.

The Pros and Cons

This podcast has been more of a help to me in teaching pronunciation than for learning it. The podcasts is in English and the host tends to describe things entirely in English. She uses technical terms for sounds which are a great benefit for teachers but less so for students. Students really need to hear a lot of examples and samples. One thing that surprises me about the podcast is they don’t do videos. I’ve found mouth position images and examples a huge help. Even when modeling the mouth position with no sound students are able to differentiate between different words.

So in using the podcast you might want to be selective about which segments you use. For my students, I haven’t used the podcast itself but have used some of the explanations or examples to assist my classes. I should also note that materials are offered through the podcasts main website.

American English Pronunciation is a nice little podcast which might be able to help you and your students.

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