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Antonyms are wonderfully simple. They are words with opposite meanings.

Hot and cold, warm and cool, night and day; these are all examples. Most days they are pretty easy, the opposite of up is down after all. Some might be a little confusing if there is more than one meaning for a word, like right and wrong or right and left. That’s not so bad. But other times the become much more subjective. I remember my teachers saying cows and horses or cats and dogs were opposites. I suppose you could say that but it still seems a bit funny to me. What is the opposite of an ostrich after all?

What is the opposite of a friend? Is it an enemy or a stranger? I’ll leave that for you to decide.

For more examples of antonyms stop by the vocabulary page and see if you can find some.

Can’t find the one’s you are looking for? Let me know and I might just add them.

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