Carol Dweck

Carol Dweck has done some amazing research into teaching, student feedback and most importantly the mindsets that lead to better learning and success. She is someone worth knowing about because her research results are simply amazing. In my case, they opened my eyes to better ways of interacting with and praising my students and my son.

Carol Dweck

Carol Dweck

… is a professor of Psychology at Stanfford University, She has taught at Columbia, Harvard and the University of Illinois. As a student she attended Barnard College and got her Ph.D. from Yale.

All of that hard work is impressive. However, what is most amazing is her research into growth and fixed mindsets. Generally speaking people with fixed mindsets believe they have a fixed level of potential, intelligence and talent whereas people with growth mindsets know that their talents and abilities can develop with time.

This has a huge impact on how we praise students and how they react to that praise. It can affect their attitudes about themselves and their relationships with their studies, their peers and the world around them.

Carol’s work came to my attention when she appeared on several podcasts that I listen to. Her interviews stood out so well I began looking deeper into her work and I just love it. At this stage I’m honestly just an impressed enthusiast but I’m also actively applying some of her ideas to make a better experience for my own family and students.

Take ten minutes out of your day to watch or listen to her speak. Do it on the bus or when you have a few minutes to really focus oh it and I guarantee it will change your day, maybe more.

See Carol in action and you’ll know more about the mindsets about those around you and importantly, your own.

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