Cindy’s English Images

Making English Images

Drawing is fun. When I make My English Images I always have a good time. It’s also a lot of work and it’s a bit time consuming. But doing work we love is rewarding in the end. For studying Japanese I frequently make images to help me remember the complicated kanji. And as you’ll see below, many students make images to help them remember great new words.

Oddly enough, the whole social media thing can actually leave one feeling a bit isolated at times. We post a lot of content online but don’t always talk all that much. At least that’s my experience. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the likes and clicks and this and that. But most of all I love talking to real people. Those connections are way more valuable than some viral tweet.

So when I heard from Shanghai about this little girl Cindy who made these awesome English images after checking out some of my drawings it totally made my day.

Check these out!

Great job Cindy! Your drawings are good and your English is going to be GREAT

English Images
English Images
English Images