Getting The Most Out of Lessons

Get The Most Out of Lessons

Getting the most from lessons

How do you guarantee students are actually getting the most from lessons they take and that they follow up on what you practice?In my case many of my private students neither need or want to follow a book. So something I made for them is this simple sheet showing a few easy strategies I expect them to follow to ensure they are getting the most from lesson.

Getting results and ensuring my students are following the techniques isn’t difficult. But keeping timing in mind is a big help. I don’t throw all these techniques at people in our first class. Instead, I keep these ideas in mind and refer to them once in a while. At some point, when I feel the student is ready or needs the sheet, I’ll go over it with them. This can be to motivate an unmotivated person or it can help people who aren’t sure what to do next.

Since the purpose of this sheet is to reinforce good study habits, and isn’t something to be studied in and of itself. That is, I don’t teach a lesson around the sheet. I’ve also made it a point to have a translation in my students’ language available. This way the message is clear and there’s no excuse for not understanding and therefore doing their best.

Do you use something like this? What do you use?

What do you think of my list? Anything I should add or delete?