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Inside Quest is one of the best podcasts available today. We are inundated with information all day long. Through Facebook and Twitter, TV and the thousand and one other sources of input that are available to us today. After a while a lot of it can become noise. You know you have friends or family on Facebook that constantly post funny pictures or just repost or retweet whatever crap they happen to be looking at. Even the good content we see ends up just fading into the background after a while.

So do this, filter out the little things, the things that aren’t helping you move your life forward. Filter out the things that aren’t making a noticeable change in your life. Replace them with a few, solid sources of genuinely pleasurable experience designed to make you grow.

The Good
Inside Quest is a podcast I found through fitness guru Tony Horton when his interview on Inside Quest popped up on my newsfeed. At the time I thought it was really great. After a while though I started listening to more and more episodes and found many of the guests like Jocko Willink, Carol Dweck and others had some even more incredible ideas to share about education, leadership and life.

So if you’re looking for a single place to go for some fantastic leads, reads, ideas and inspiration, there are few sources I would recommend more highly than Inside Quest.

The Bad (but not really)
It can be addictive. You’ll find a lot of leads to other interesting people and books and podcasts and it will just keep growing from there. You’ll be lead down the rabbit hole but as the host Tom Bilyeu would say, out of the matrix. Not bad at all really.

The Ugly
Tom talks to much. I say this with a smile on my face. It used to annoy me a bit that Tom spoke so much but now I don’t mind it as much. In a lot of episodes he tells the same story of his personal experience and his company’s growth. Much of the show can seem about Tom and his personal experience. Get past that and hear what the guests have to say and who they are and you’ll be off to an amazing day every morning you listen.

Listen now and be off to a better day. 


Hi! I'm from Brooklyn New York and am currently living in the Tokyo area as a teacher at an amazing school in Kanagawa. I'm currently working on textbook designs plus for language acquisition and loving it!
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