Leslie Patricelli

Leslie Patricelli We don't really celebrate Easter here and I'm not wild about giving my son tons of candy but having grown up with it, I know how fun it can be. This year our little Easter celebration was livened up a bit with this awesome book by Leslie Patricelli.…

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Zombie Cup Blaster

  Zombie cup blasters is a simple game, blast the zombies, but don’t blast the survivors.  (Huge thanks to my coworker John for introducing this. He’s SO good with games it's scary.) How to play Print these images, laminate them and stick them on paper cups. You can use a nerf…

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Getting The Most Out of Lessons

Getting the most from lessons How do you guarantee students are actually getting the most from lessons they take and that they follow up on what you practice?In my case many of my private students neither need or want to follow a book. So something I made for them is this simple…

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Zombies Love Brains Preview

Zombies Love Brains I'm so happy to share this preview image of the latest book I've illustrated: Zombies Love Brains! Written by Colin M Drysdale, Zombies Love Brains has been an incredibly interesting project to work on. I've been doing the illustrations over the past year and am really excited to share it with you. Zombies…

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Zombie Stickers on Line

Zombie Stickers on Line If you use the popular communication platform Line, you definitely want these fun, Zombie-themed stickers. Just click any of the images below and off you'll go to the land of the dead with Zombie Mike's hilarious walkers. The sticker set contains forty, fun, and horrible little zombie stickers. I…

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