Selfiessistic isn’t a real word, yet. But I’d love to see it become a reality. Here’s how it came about. In one of my conversation classes the topic was “selfies.” We all know selfies by now. And most people probably take a few more of them than we would care to admit. What came out in our classes was something really interesting and fun. The students, all Japanese, discussed some of the cultural differences between them and their Korean, Chinese and Thai friends in that they don’t really care for taking a lot of selfies whereas their friends take tons of them.

One student thought it was a bit narcissistic. This is usually a tough word but in Japanese we use the word “narshisuto” which comes from the same route. The fun part was when the student misspoke and combined the words “selfie” and “narcissistic” into one amazing new word: selfiessistic. I loved it so much I thought I would share it with you and to give credit where credit is due. The closest to a fun new word like this I could come up with is selfisticated. But I like selfiessistic a bit better.

selfie Selfie, Noun: A photo taken of yourself


Selfiessistic, Adjective: Excessive self love expressed through seemingly countless selfies.