Simple Writing Materials for Kids

Writing wasn’t as hard to teach as I thought it might be. However, when I started teaching my son to read and write, I was surprised to find a lot of materials with letters that didn’t match the letter guides. That is, the size and shape of letters weren’t consistent even within a single text. For instance, the letter B might line up with the center guide, but the letter A did not. Young learners really just need to start with lines and circles which should be easy to print. Yet over and over again, I found these inconsistencies in the books at hand.

So I made my own.

First Steps

It was easier for my son to use B5 size paper when he was little as it was comfortable for him to use. He VERY quickly grew out of that of course. That being said, it was also kind of a waste of paper to use a whole sheet of A4 paper, where only a few lines were really needed. B5 actually ended up being the best size for him and most of these sheets are formatted at that size. (You can scale them up or down when printing of course.) 

In all honesty, I never really took time to make more of these sheets as I just didn’t need them. Simple, lined paper always did the trick. If you would like to see more materials like this on My English Images, I would love to hear from you.  

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