Student Levels

Student Levels

Student levels shouldn’t be particularly difficult to assign. However, more often than not there is a fair amount of confusion surrounding assigning and explaining levels.

So, I would love your feedback on this.

As a mental exercise I found it helpful to write out concepts of students levels. These levels are what I keep in mind when I talk to students or potential students. They help accurately understand where students stand as English speakers. It helps me compare them to the student sI have in various locations and what they are capable of doing.

Writing them down was a real challenge. There’s no perfect way of putting people into neat little categories and saying they are a perfect level two on one day and level three on another day. So consider this is a draft in development. And one, you should feel free to help make better.

You can get a copy to check out by clicking the image below or by visiting this page.

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student levels

A  little more about Student Levels

Some time ago I was fortunate enough to work with some very passionate and dedicated teachers who took the time to create their own level system. This was based on their experience teaching here in Japan and on what they observed in the classroom. For any teacher, taking the time to really internalize and clarify a system of levels of their students is an invaluable period of reflection.

On this page I’m sharing a level system adapted from my experience teaching at various institutions here in Japan and lesson observation. This is NOT a perfect list and I hope to change and adapt it over time with your feedback.