Ten Tips to Remember New Words

Ten Tips to Remember New Words

Ten Tips to Remember New Words

No tip trick or method is ever going to work unless you put in the work to make it effective for you. That being said, here are some techniques that can work for most people if you’re willing.



Words to live by . . .

Here are some ideas to help you boost your word power. Use these easy steps, and you’ll
remember words faster and easier than ever before. Good luck!

  1. Making the cards will help you remember the terms. The time and effort it takes to make the card is half of your study time or more!
  2. Simplify the information. You don’t need a full color picture to remember one word. Keep your information simple and easy to read.
  3. Write a journal or emails to your friends and use the new words there. If it is an unusual word, make a story about it or think of situations when you need that word.
  4. Review the terms you have studied. You might remember the word “amble” today, but what about six months from now? Go back to your words again and again.
  5. Use the terms in conversation. You don’t need to use lots of technical words but
    choose new words to use each day and you will find them easier to remember.
  6. Group the words into categories: Words for: work, play, or travel. Group them as synonyms & antonyms, grammar forms such as adjectives, nouns, verbs or whatever you like. 
  7. Personalize the cards. Remember the card for Mortify? I really saw that happen. It’s a strong memory so it’s easy for me to connect the word and the story.
  8. Share them! There are too many words out there for you to get them all. So share your cards and study with a friend! It’s great to get fresh ideas and more fun!
  9. Explain the meanings of the words to other people you know. Teaching someone else the words you have recently learned can help you remember them more clearly.
  10. Mnemonics are memory tricks to help you remember words and their meanings. There are thousands of mnemonics so ask your teacher to help you make some.

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