The Art of Charm

The Art of Charm

The Art of Charm Podcast

The Art of Charm

The Art of Charm podcast is so much more than it may seem on the surface. Even I made the mistake of thinking this was a “pickup artists” thing where they teach you to get chicks.

Wow was I wrong.

The Art of Charm is all about being a better you. AOC brings together the best thought leaders, teachers and exceptional individuals to teach you how to be a top performer in life, love and at work. They may not have all the answers but they certainly have a lot of great questions.

AOC appeals to a wide range of people with truly exceptional guests and thought-provoking interviews. I’ve mentioned many of the guests here on MEI. You may see them in a variety of other places like podcasts, TED talks or the million other sources of media consumption. People like Tim Ferriss, Jocko Willink, Carol Dweck, and Sam Harris and a loooong list of others.

AOC explores what it means to really take honest stock of your life, your mindset, your behavior and focus on being the best version of yourself you can. For many people that means being a better spouse or creating better romantic relationships as well as improving the ones we already have. For others it’s a matter of being a better coworker or professional regardless of your field.

I found AOC through a friend who was having trouble with self confidence. He read a Reddit article saying to think of yourself as the prize not the other person. In other words putting yourself on the pedestal, not them. It was sound dating advice that I later applied to my own life in a job interview. I created the mindset that I was the valuable employee they wanted to hire, instead of focussing on the valuable job I wanted to get.

It helped me relax and present myself more effectively and I got the job.

Later I thought it would be great to start actively pursuing great thought leaders and teachers working on other aspects of personal development.

I found AOC and it’s been a great resource so far.

Check out AOC at their site

or on Twitter

or through their podcast on iTunes or however you find podcasts.


Hi! I'm from Brooklyn New York and am currently living in the Tokyo area as a teacher at an amazing school in Kanagawa. I'm currently working on textbook designs plus for language acquisition and loving it!
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