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Tiny Cards
Tiny Cards

Tiny Cards is a lovely little app. It just came up in my feed one day and I had to try it out.

Like similar apps it allows you to choose from a variety of content creators who make flashcards on a range of topics. In my case, I went for Japanese Kanji and some science topics.

Made by the same people that brought us Duolingo, you can see why the simple, clean design and the UI are so appealing.

Also, as Duolingo STILL (two years and counting now,) don’t have any Japanese content, it’s a nice chance to finally use one of their apps and get a little Japanese practice in.

Click the image or here above to check out the app for yourself of just Google it. Like many nice apps, Tiny Cards started off by winning me with a good UI and generally nice look and feel. Unfortunately the app didn’t turn out to be useful in the long run. The card content available didn’t suit my needs and eventually I moved on to a much more stable system that suited my needs much more. When dealing with user created content, finding good quality is sometimes a hit or miss situation when it comes to quality. It also means it’s worth checking back in later as things could change with time.

However, that doesn’t mean it won’t serve your needs. And it’s definitely worth checking out.

What similar apps do you use?

What has worked for you the best?