Vocabulary Spelling City

Vocabulary Spelling City

Vocabulary Spelling City

Vocabulary Spelling City is a fun app I found through the website of the same name. You can check it out here: Spelling City.

The app is free and easy to use and only takes a minute or so to get into. I personally like it although I do have some reservations. A lot of my classes deal with spelling and phonics with lots of different letter combinations. So any app that’s exploring phonics is a friend of mine.

Pros and Cons

Unfortunately I haven’t really had the opportunity to go very deeply into the app as I have with some others. It’s a bit too hard to use for my own kids so at some point down the road I may revisit this little post to add a bit more information.

What I like is that it has some simple activities that are easy to understand and don’t take a long time to complete like alphabetizing a group of words or a version of hangman where instead of slowly killing a guy in front of your kids we get a mouse sneaking up on a sleeping cat who has a pile of cheese next to him.

I suppose part of my reservation stems from not being wild about the animation or the sound design. Much of the sound sounds hollow like a voice coming from inside a tin can. In one game the voice of a teacher? came on saying things like “Good! Right! Keep trying!” That was nice. Plus I tend to say a lot of encouraging things to my kids. It just got annoying after a bit. (That made me reconsider how I deliver my own reinforcement and feedback.) With apps I tend to like the simple sound effect or a wider variety of feedback phrases.

Still, I think whatever cosmetic issues I’m not wild about are outweighed by the apps usefulness so give it a try. When you do, why not leave your own impressions about it below?