Zombie Kids Book Update

Zombie Kids Book Update

A while back, I decided to start making some kids’ books for my son. Bit by bit I have been reworking them to share with you. With Halloween coming up, I decided to do a little revamp of my kids’ book: Zombies!! The Stinking Dead. 

The first thing I worked on was the quality. In the original version, some images had lines or marks around them in the PDF. A few images were also downscaled to the point that they lost resolution making them a bit “fuzzy” looking. The new images are much sharper and better looking. 

After that, I worked on making the zombies a bit more kid friendly. After all, my son liked them when he was four but some kids might find them a bit, well, gross. 

The old version had some pretty gruesome looking fellows. 

Most zombies are pretty slow.

The new one is much more kid friendly. 

Add to that a whole lot of little changes to the text, some shadows, etc, and you’ve got yourself a stew. Or, something. Check out some sample images and a free sample of the book below. 

If you like it, why not pick up a copy? It’s just five bucks. 

(And if you already bought one, get in touch and I’ll send you a copy of the update totally free.)

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