Business English

Business English

Business English gets a bad name in some circles because it’s associated with making our language “fancy” or “putting on airs”. Where  there is a certain amount of posing in business, that’s more a result of how people behave in their workplace and their business culture, rather than the language itself. So, to try and demystify some of the ideas around teaching business English, I thought I’d share some of my favorite worksheets here. 

To start, let’s answer a really basic, but important question; What is business English?


When we say "business English", we often just mean we are talking about work; what we do, where we work, how it's going, and the challenges we face.


The words we use in the workspace depend a lot on our industry. Compare the terms used by doctors to those used by bankers for example.


Some languages are more clear about the difference between formal, and casual speech but levels of politeness definitely exists in English as well.


This is a new set of worksheets I've developed and would love your feedback. 
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Other topics I'm currently developing include Negotiations, and presentations. 

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