Duolingo’s Oddball Content Bloopers


Duolingo's Oddball Content Bloopers The Duolingo app, like many others has a lot of good things going for it. It's a fun, short practice you can do almost any time or place. If you're a commuter like me, you'll find [...]

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Jim Kwik


 Jim Kwik is one of these rare people whose name reflects what he does. Imagine a librarian named Mrs. Books or a doctor named James Needle. Despite the coincidental name, Jim Kwik is a an expert coach and advisor on [...]

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Antonyms Antonyms are wonderfully simple. They are words with opposite meanings. Hot and cold, warm and cool, night and day; these are all examples. Most days they are pretty easy, the opposite of up is down after all. Some might [...]




contronym Contronyms are words that have contradictory or opposite meanings. It's like one word that means both stop and go or hot and cold. That can be really confusing but you can usually guess the meaning from the context. For [...]


Intermediate Topics Free Book Preview


Intermediate Topics Free Book Preview Intermediate Topics is a collection of twenty seven of my topic-based worksheets. Each worksheet contains two conversations and tips related to them. There are over fifty lessons worth of material in this short book. The [...]

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We Found a Hat


We Found a Hat Jon Klassen I appreciate subtle humor. It is sometimes rather hard to define. It’s the way someone squints, or gives a sidelong glance. It’s the way someone slowly tilts their head or quietly slides into a scene. We Found A [...]

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Mummy and Me


Mummy and Me Katerina Manolessou This is a sweet little frog tale about a girl and her mummy that put me in tears in a roundabout sort of way. It’s a simple rhyme about a little girl frog and her [...]

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The Missing Piece


The Missing Piece Shel Silverstein Mentioning that Shel Silverstein wrote porn is maybe the only way to talk about the Missing Piece that won’t seem like every other review of it you’ve ever read. Does it matter? The answer is [...]

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Matching Memory Cats


Matching Memory Cats Good ideas are all around us. In this case, I was at a shop called Flying Tiger when I found this game. It's a simple game of memory with some funny cats. The idea is to match [...]

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Why school?


Why school? What is the point of going to school anyway? Sounds simple, but every student everywhere at some point asks something like Why school? We spend so much time thinking about how to improve schools that we hardly ever [...]

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