Friends and family are everything which is why the links and suggestions below are either people I know, sites I use, or podcasts and other resources I’m really excited about. There are no paid sponsorships here. Zero. You may have noticed, I also don’t run ads on the site. There’s a reason for that, besides the fact they’re ugly, they don’t really help us in any way.

Websites rank higher based on a lot of things like how complicated the language you use is. Long sentences, difficult words, and other factors like paragraph length can make your site score low in search engines rankings. (That’s why I had to put the word “friend” at the start of the first paragraph.) This makes sites easier to search and easier to read but it also leads to a loss of creativity, uniqueness, and freedom as creators are forced to make their sites look the same as everyone else’s. 



Tarle Speech and language was founded to empower individuals at all stages of life through better communication skills. Jennifer is a certified speech pathologist with nearly two decades of experience in speech-related training and pathologies. 

Susan Stevenson is an incredible source of books, tips for parents, and lots of reading ideas. 

She’s an Australian teacher and writer who is passionate about children’s literacy. 

The Machigai podcast presents errors common to Japanese learners in a humorous, memorable way. 

Brian Boyd is the hilarious, pun loving creator of this edu-comic. If the drawing looks familiar, it’s because I’ve had the pleasure of teaming up with Brian on several occasions.   




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