Many of the images I make in class are used to illustrate ideas quickly and simply. For example, the word “courting” appeared in an article about once company courting another for a possible merger. I made a clear analogy of one company trying to woo the other with a simple sketch of a prince courting a princess. The students had a laugh and I used royal characters to reinforce the formality of the word. It’s silly, but it works. 

Of course, you should decide for yourself what’s appropriate for your group. Many of the images here might not work for adults and are better suited for kids. I encourage you to use a mix of styles to maintain interest and fun. 

You can always read me with ideas and feedback at:

When practicing letters, look out for strange fonts.  Young learners only need lines and circles to make clear letters but if the lines and circles don’t line up uniformly, kids can get confused. The “Primer Print” font is generally good but drops the ball when it comes to the letter A as it doesn’t actually line up with the middle guide lines. 

In some cultures it’s difficult for students to make a real complaint. Role playing with some of these situations might make that not only easier, but a lot of fun too. 

But gross. So gross.

Cooking is actually one of the many many things I’m trying to learn. I’m a bit of a healthy nut but have never really gotten my diet under control. There are too many amazing things to eat . . . I’m hungry right now. 

These can be tricky in English. Sure, a can of soda or a bottle of coffee make sense. A head of lettuce? A head? A cob? What is a cob anyway? What a weird word. 

It may sound odd but I’ve always loved being bald. Even as a kid, I almost always had my head shaved or my hair short. But I love the way it looks on other people. 

Work, work, work. Ever feel like that’s all you do? There are days when we all feel like that. But don’t let it get you down. It’s almost Friday. Right? Please, tell me it’s Friday! 

The words I hope you never need but we’ll all be glad you know if they ever come up. The files linked below focus on basic terms for sickness, and injury.

Sheesh. Just seeing that arm … brings back some awful memories. 

This colorful set of images shows people in all sorts of places like, in the pool, or in front of the TV. I think you’ll like it. 

To be really clear, I do NOT like motivating quotes. There was a time I did though. They helped get me fired up. But motivation is fleeting, it disappears as soon as that cool song ends. What counts is discipline. And discipline, equals freedom. 

You can’t get more basic than this. If kids can break down objects and see them for their basic shapes, then they can draw and analyze them, and THAT is fun. 




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