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Using images in class can be a lot of fun. It depends on the people and the style of the pictures or illustrations. Most of the images I use in classes are actually simple drawings I do to illustrate an idea. This works for children and adults. For example, working with a group of business people we encountered the word courting. One company was courting another for a possible merger. Two quick doodles of a price and princess made a clear analogy of one trying to woo the other. The students had a laugh but since the characters were royalty it also reinforced that the word is used in formal situations.

Of course you should decide for yourself what is appropriate for your group. Many of the images here might not work for adults and are better suited for kids. There are also lots of other free sources for photographs available online. I really encourage you to use a mix of styles. After all, variety creates interest. As always, I’m always looking for feedback and ideas for words or images to include in sets. So don’t be afraid to write in with ideas.

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