Comics are a great way of telling stories with pictures. They can also be a great way to elicit ideas and stories from students or to illustrate our concepts. I’ve drawn a number of images for the vocabulary galleries over time which could also be used to tell a tale. Here, I’ve collected a few of them for you to use and share with your students. 

Grammarman! The ESL comics hero!

This is a great deal of fun to make; a comic that also helps teach English. The characters in this edu-comic were all created by writer and educator Brian Boyd who I’ve teamed up several times to create fun, colorful issues of this great story!

Grammarman appears regularly in:
Business English (Russia)
The New Straits Times (Malaysia)
Student Weekly (Thailand)
Your News (Canada)
Find out more about these great publications and get some issues for yourself by visiting Brian’s great site:

This is one of the most fun projects I’ve worked on recently; creating a comprehensive illustrated guide to zombies. It’s also a nice break from my educational illustrations. That little project also lead to the creation of my children’s book: The Stinking Dead. 


Comics Images