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Counters – Quantifiers

Counters or quantifiers are a funny thing in English. This page offers images and activities for students to practice high frequency examples. These are terms they may encounter in their daily lives using English.

Studying Japanese, I was initially quite frustrated because they have different counters for different things. That means there are different ways to count flat objects like paper or magazines or long things like sticks or pens. That seems so hard. But then I saw the parallel in English. Different animal groups and foods or packages all have different names. When you think about it, a head of lettuce sounds kind of weird. Fortunately, many of the counters we use in English aren’t very common. It’s not really worth learning all the words for animal groups if you don’t encounter any animals.

One last thing. I’d really like to add more examples here so if you have some suggestions or requests please feel free to get in touch:

shopping and containers
shopping and containers