Mythology Illustrations


First of all, let me just start by saying Mythology is hands down one of my favorite areas of story telling. I just love it. When I was a student, the Greek myths stood out as some of the most amazing stories we read. On top of that, the cultural connection to our modern language is always there. For example, words like “echo” and “narcissist” have roots in Greek mythology. Or you might hear of an athlete hurting his or her achilles tendon. These and so many other words all come from mythology.

So it was fun making some of these images. Despite being fun, they aren’t exactly in high demand. Therefore I’ll add new images as I happen to make them or by request. For example while making a set of images for the days of the week, I needed an image of Thor. That was the start of the Norse pantheon and a very cool Avenger as well. But it’s also the ONLY image I need from that area of mythology.

Finally, let me know if you want to see more images like this. Of course I’ll be happy to add them. And let me know how or why you use mythology in your class. Get in touch at:


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