People ESL images


People pop up in all forms in lots of conversations. We’re either talking about our friends and family, 0ur coworkers or maybe even strangers like celebrities. Either way, the images in these files make it easy for young ESL students to get talking about some of the interesting folks in their lives or just some oddball characters you make up for them to explore.

I used some of the simple cards here to help my kids get the difference between:
A: Where are you from?
B: I’m from New York.
A: Where do you live?
B: I live in Tokyo.

For most kids the answers to both are the same so it can throw them off a bit. Honestly I didn’t need the cards to teach this, but it was the inspiration for making the people cards listed below. The blanks made it easy to make variations and keep the target language feeling fresh.

So if you have ideas about how to make these images better please get in touch. Also, if you know other images I should include, please let me know. You can reach me at:

describing people faces
simple people cards