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Shapes Lines

Shapes and Lines

Shapes and lines aren’t just some of the most basic vocabulary terms that kids learn. They can also be some of the most fun. Shapes, colors and lines are just great starts to making all sorts of fun images. They help kids talk about the patterns on clothes, the fun squiggly drawings they make or their favorite things. Everyone has as favorite color. We use shape names in conversation more often than we realize. As adults, we sometimes take it for granted that these words are so easy to use. Think about that circular saw your neighbor borrowed. When is he going to give that back? What about that table with the rounded edges in your living room? Or worse, the rectangular one the the pointy corners. I hate bumping into that thing especially on a cold morning.

The point is, of course, that these are high-frequency words. They are useful and are used by people at different ages, levels and positions.

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