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Whenever medical symptoms or topics and language come up I have the same thought. I feel like I’m teaching language that I hope my students never need. It can be an unpleasant and uncomfortable topic at times but is also very interesting and extremely helpful in some situations.

In my case, as a kid, I got very badly sick while vacationing in another country and was lucky that my parents were able to describe my symptoms to the doctor well enough. We were also fortunate that the doctor was so kind and took care of me so well. It’s something my family has always really appreciated. So, again, I hope you never need these, but if you see something I should change or add just let me know.

Symptoms Illustrations
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With vocabulary being so involved in any medical conversation I decided to make these two simple sheets dealing with symptoms of injury and illness. This is in NO way comprehensive but should give most students a good grounding. I’ve tried to use simple explanations for each term. In the case of my students, they needed to be able to explain what certain terms meant so this is a great way of having people reword or explain otherwise tough terms. Place the vocabulary in a few simple conversations to practice and you’ll be good to go.

Symptoms sickness injury
Sickness Injuries Symptoms