Patterns Worksheets

Patterns in English are interesting to master and are a much more approachable way of teaching grammar. Although I love grammar, most people have an almost allergic reaction to it. 

Most of my worksheets, and their style, are best found in the books. I’ve also made one-point cards as examples of common patterns.   

Feel free to check them out or keep scrolling for the free worksheets. 


Present Perfect




Tag questions


“I don’t really like” is a bit different from “I really don’t like” so take care when presenting this often confused pair of expressions.

(Fun fact: The “like / don’t like” sheet is the only one I actually appear in. And I have a really bad sunburn too!)

Prepositions of place

Time Words

Relative Clauses

Causative Voice

Active & Passive voice


Sometimes I need students in technical English classes to make clear definitions of particular terms. 

These three worksheets look at different patterns for writing definitions using verbs, nouns, or adjectives. 


Nouns / Verbs / Adjectives

Broken WH questions