Intermediate Topics


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Intermediate Topics

Think of Intermediate Topics as a number of lessons collected together in one place. It’s not a series and doesn’t contain a fixed flow from start to end. Each lesson worksheet serves an individual class. Use them in whatever order you choose or as the topics fit the needs of your students.

Typically, one conversation is enough for a single forty-five minute to hour-long class.

The topics are purposefully mundane because the majority of our conversations are too. These topics were chosen for their frequency not for any larger world view or cultural exchange. Many of the texts I’ve read and used try to spice up lessons by talking about wild situations, exotic locations, extreme sports etc. As a result they often come across as forced and unnatural and rarely relate to the students’ experience or interests.

Who is it for?

You can use or adapt these lessons for upper elementary to lower intermediate students. I’ve used them with junior and senior high school students as well as adults. Some phrases or patterns might be tough for students at the lower end of the spectrum. So reword, adapt, and cut the longer conversations short.

What’s the goal of the book?

To illustrate speaking techniques or topics people often discuss and help speakers navigate those topics smoothly.

What’s in the book? 

For a full list of lessons and target topics, get a free preview of the book here. 

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