Zombies: The Stinking Dead


A goofy, stinky Halloween adventure about two friends and some hungry zombies at the door.

Zombies: The Stinking Dead

One Halloween night, while reading spooky stories, best friends Giler (the cat) and Saru (the monkey) hear some strange noises. Saru is sure it must be zombies but Giler has never even heard of them before. He quickly gets a crash course in zombies and how to get ready in case they show up. Their search for the source of the sound and the stinky zombies turns up an unexpected surprise. 

Best read in a goofy voice, this book has loads of gross, stinky, gooey monsters and two good friends ready to do anything to make it to the dawn.

This book is good for kids ages 6 to 8, and maybe some brave younger kids. My son thought it was super silly and funny when he was three. The book contains, mild, cartoonish action like a zombie getting bopped on the head and is more silly and gross than anything.

Note: This is a PDF file.