Teaching Business English

Teaching Business English

Teaching Business English by Mark Ellis and Christine Johnson.

Teaching Business English
Teaching Business English was a great help to me in my teaching and could be for you as well. A colleague recommended this book to me recently. He claimed it was his go-to book when he taught business English courses. I can totally see why.

This is an award-winning book on the fundamentals of teaching business English that covers nearly every aspect of the process. I have always been of the opinion that Business English is kind of a fake out. I felt English was English was English regardless of the topic involved.

Unfortunately that’s a limited viewpoint. It doesn’t address students with specific, short-term goals. It’s unrealistic to expect a student of English to learn every structure and pattern up to a particular level. Especially when all they need is a few simple targets to complete a task at work. It would also be a waste of time and resources to try to teach them everything instead of focussing on their specific need. If they do have a specific need like answering the phones at work or describing a product they are selling to foreign clients, they will be much more successful in the short-term by focussing on that instead of all the conversational aspects of language that a native speaker would know.

Would knowing all that language benefit them? Absolutely.
Would it make them more capable of handling unexpected turns in their interactions? Undoubtedly.

But addressing the students’ needs in as effective a way possible is what business English teaching can be all about at its best.

This book has been a real help to me in my own teaching. This book is a few years old. Some product descriptions and samples are a little dated. However, the language and structures themselves are solid.

And lucky for you, it’s also available to read online here through Google Books.