ESL Teaching


Teaching any subject can be a rewarding challenge. In my case, I try to improve along with my students and love the feedback I receive.

What I’ll share on these pages are ideas and worksheets related to teaching. Remember, I’m an explorer. Nothing here is meant as the rulebook of teaching or as a course on what to do. I’d love to talk to you about your teaching or lessons so feel free to contact me.


Teaching Drills

replacement drills worksheet
one-word drills worksheet
time drills worksheet
repeating drills worksheet
pattern change drills worksheet
expanding English
expanding English
expanding English
Contrast Drills English

Adapting Other People’s Property

student letter worksheet

A Student Letter

Here, I used a letter a student wrote to me as an example for other students. The images are from my friend and former student Sho and most of the content of the letter is original. In this case I have altered the text a little to make it clear and easy to read.

national geographic article worksheet

A magazine article

This is an example of how I might adapt an article from a magazine for a class. In this case I used an article from an issue of National Geographic. To be clear, the article and photos are entirely the property of Neo Geo and I’m sharing it here only as an example of what we might do with an article like this.

poetry worksheet

A poem

This lesson plan is an example of how to prepare a lesson from a poem. Although I personally feel the arts in all forms foster new thinking and creative ideas, I’m also somewhat practical. Whatever enjoyment or pleasure we get out of a work of art isn’t always helpful for learning a second language. So in order to use more practical language, I included this short piece about the author Shel Silverstein along with a vocabulary activity.

survival game worksheet

A TV Show

In this lesson I show how I adapted the TV show LOST into a role playing game. You could easily do the same for other shows like the Walking Dead but I found the island survival situation presented a lot of great talking points.

celebrity bio worksheet

A Celebrity

This worksheet focusses on a celebrity, in this case my personal favorite, ARNOLD! One of the themes of the story is about how, Arnold, as an ESL student set and reached his goals. It can be a great bit of listening reading and hopefully a little motivating for students on similar journeys.

artist bio worksheet

An Artist

This worksheet takes a look at a cultural figure, Rube Goldberg and explores his story and his work. It has lots of options for adaptation if you and your students are brave enough. In an advanced class in New York I had a mixed reaction, some students LOVED this activity and others had a hard time imagining the machines. What’s most important is that the language acquisition be useful and functional regardless of how fun we might dress the lesson up to be.

word games worksheet

A Game

This is a simple puzzle game where students follow instructions to move letters around to discover the hidden message. I originally got this from a  newspaper clipping I found years and years ago. At the time I made the file and played with my students it was lots of fun but I don’t remember where I found it.

Student Levels

student levels

On this page I’m sharing a level system I’ve adapted from what I’ve learned in teaching at various institutions here in Japan and through my experience and observation. This is NOT a perfect list and I hope to change and adapt it over time with your feedback.

Good Habits and Goals

goals talking points worksheet
get the most out of lessons
good study habits