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Words are ideas.
The more vocabulary we have in any language the more we can say. And that means we can better express ourselves. The wonderful thing about vocabulary is that everyone needs it. It’s not just beginners. Everyone up to native speakers can benefit from better vocabulary.

This section has lots of images representing English terms for you and your students to use. 
New images are added by request. So feel free to write in with suggestions of terms you want to see. And I’ll add them as soon as possible.

vocabulary worksheets

Vocabulary Worksheets:

Most of the vocabulary my students use in class is unplanned for. It springs from their experience, stories and conversations. There are a few occasions when we might use some so click the image at left to check out what I’ve uploaded and feel free to send in suggestions to: myenglishimages@gmail.com

100 Common Uncommon Words

The Book: 100 Common Uncommon words

This advanced vocabulary book collects 100 of the most amazing words in English in one place.

Many of the terms in the book are commonly misspelled or misused even by native speakers. So if you’re teaching upper intermediate to advanced students this might be the book for you.

Categories include:
– fan favorites,
– uncommon opposites,
– similar sounding words,
– formal terms,
– commonly misused words,
– words of love,
– French words in English,
– commonly misspelled words,
– words with mythic origins,
and some fun, seemingly nonsensical words.

basic English noun images

Basic Nouns

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Intermediate Nouns

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Advanced Nouns

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Basic Verbs

intermediate English verb images

Intermediate Verbs

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Advanced Verbs

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Basic Adjectives

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Intermediate Adjectives

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Advanced Adjectives

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Phrasal Verbs

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