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Advanced English adjectives

Advanced Adjectives

Advanced adjectives in English can be tough to remember. But having a few simple images like these can go a long way to making them stick. Some of the words on this list are pretty easy to use and understand. However they are used less often than many others. For example, canine is a much more common word but just as easy to understand as serpentine. But how often do you actually say serpentine? Not that often.

If you have suggestions or ideas for words to add to this list just drop me a line. (HINT: One-word requests can be made a lot easier than long lists.)

advanced English adjectives worksheet


I haven’t made many worksheets for the vocabulary words here mostly because I teach vocabulary in context. However at times it can be helpful for students to see words as they appear in writing and to follow up on terms we’ve taught or practiced. I’ll add sheets like this over time but they aren’t my main focus on building the site right now.

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