English Pronouns images
he she English pronoun images


Pronouns in English can be tough to remember. But having a few simple images like these can go a long way to making them stick.

This page collects all my images that represent pronouns. They can be a bit tricky at times so I’ve included a chart to help keep them all straight. Most pronouns aren’t too complicated but there is one to look out for. It’s the third person neutral possessive form. Or, a little easier, “its.”

A: Whose dog toy is this?
B: It’s its.

That just doesn’t work very well. We don’t tend to put similarly sounding words together like this. Plus the similarity of the two words and the lack of specificity makes the sentence itself confusing. It’s better to be more specific and simply say: It’s that dog’s.

BONUS: Get a simple set of images for practicing “He / She” by clicking the color picture to the left.