We Found a Hat

We Found a Hat

We Found a HatWe Found a Hat
Jon Klassen

I appreciate subtle humor. It is sometimes rather hard to define. It’s the way someone squints, or gives a sidelong glance. It’s the way someone slowly tilts their head or quietly slides into a scene. We Found A Hat captures that silly subtle humor perfectly.

Two tired turtles find a hat they both love in the dessert. The obvious is they only one hat, but there are two of them. You can probably see where this is going.

Can you guess? I immediately pictured them fighting over the hat or desiring it. Maybe you are picturing the same thing. Imagine two goofy turtles rolling and wrestling for a hat thats clearly too big for them. Imagine all the goofy hilarious things that could happen.

Now forget all of that. Because, let’s face it, that sounds like an obvious and predictable story. We Found A Hat, is not quite so predictable. To be honest, not much really happens, but the way it happens has a way of opening up the whole universe in just a few pages.

Which of Jon Klassen’s books do you want to read?

Now that I know about his work I”m eager to pick up more. Personally, I responded to his simple, beautiful color choices and the shapes he makes. The characters are super simple yet still filled with plenty of personality. Maybe that’s why he communicates his humor so well. He’s already good at communicating through carefully chosen color and shape so it’s only natural it comes across in the humor.