Zombie Cup Blaster

Zombie Cup Blaster

Zombie Shooting Range


Zombie cup blasters is a simple game, blast the zombies, but don’t blast the survivors.  (Huge thanks to my coworker John for introducing this. He’s SO good with games it’s scary.)

How to play
Print these images, laminate them and stick them on paper cups. You can use a nerf blaster or simply bounce a light ball like a ping pong ball at the cups knocking over the bad guys.

Points can be awarded for blasting the bad guys and points taken away for blasting the good guys.

Simple right?

Mixing it up is going to make it so much more fun, Have the cups on the edge of a table so you have to blast them off to be successful. Make a pyramid or special shape where students have to blast certain images and not others.

Try having the students bounce a ball into the cups like in pong and points can be awarded there.

Adapting it to the classroom …
… can be tricky. The easiest way is to have some target language which students have to say if they miss or get to say when they are successful. The team that finishes all their language first or gets the most points is the winner.

Play with it and see what you think.