Hi! I’m Mike Kloran. 

I make all the images, worksheets, and posts you see here. Although I’m from Brooklyn, New York, I now live and work in Tokyo, Japan. This is where I teach, work out, raise my son, and desperately try to keep up with the bills. 

My English Images is a way for me to share my creativity with students and teachers all over the world. It’s a way for me to get feedback and improve my teaching materials. Most importantly, it’s a way for me to give something back to all the great people who have helped me through the years. 


The Mission

With nearly two decades of English teaching experience working for other people, we decided it was time to take all the good ideas we’ve learned and put them to use to benefit our students directly.

We have to look in the mirror each day and know the person looking back is actually doing their best.
Do good
It's important to us that you see growth. We want you to know you're getting better and better with time.
Help Others
Why do work you don't love? We're here because we chose to do this work and we might as well enjoy it.
Have fun


Yes. I typically make illustrations for my own projects however I do sometimes make images for clients. To do this, I follow a simple process, listen to your ideas, sketch them out for your approval, ink and color them, and then deliver them. 


Traditionally, I do a pencil sketch, then add ink. Finally, I add color. But these days, I’m playing around with an iPad pro and an Apple pencil. 

Check it out in some of these books?

That depends on the image. Feel free to get in touch. It never hurts to ask. You might have a project I’d be really interested in helping you with. 

That depends on the project. Some projects require a simple, single image, and others are more time consuming with lots of details and special information. 

Generally speaking, a single quarter page image costs about a hundred dollars. 








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