About My English Images

Hi! My name is Mike Kloran, and these are My English Images; a resource of illustrations and worksheets for teachers. Here, you’ll find an ever growing pool of fun, friendly characters to brighten up any classroom. 

I make custom images and worksheets based on the classes I teach and your requests! So, don’t be afraid to get in touch and help shape the future of our classes. 

First, I’ll listen to your ideas and create a sample. Once you approve the idea, I’ll make the final version and deliver the artwork or materials. 

Illustration Process

Great question! This depends on what you need. A simple, single worksheet or image of a character can be done in a day. Bigger, more complicated projects understandably take more time. 

I usually start with a few sketches, add line art, then color. In the past, I used opaque watercolors which I still love, but these days, I use digital media so I can make adjustments more easily. 

You’re looking at it! Why not check out my best work in some of my books?

 Want to know more? Contact me any time with questions, (constructive) feedback, suggestions, or requests for updates and new content!

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