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about Mike Koran


Hi! I’m Mike Kloran.

I’m the guy who makes all the images, worksheets and posts you see here. Hailing from Brooklyn New York, I’m now living in the Tokyo area where I teach, work out, try desperately to keep up with my bills and raise my son.

My English Images is about two things:
– improving my teaching techniques and materials to better my students’ experience
– giving something back to and connecting with a larger community of teachers.

Seriously, I want your feedback. If you see typos or have ideas on how to make it all better, get in touch.


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instagramDo you use the Line App?

How do you work?

How I Work

How long does it take to make your images?

It depends on the image.

Do you want to help me with a project I can’t pay you for but I think could be a great chance for you to get your artwork out there and get some exposure. 


What do you charge?

That depends on the project. Some projects involve one simple drawing, others require a hundred pages of content and design work along with photos and illustrations.

Generally speaking, a full color 1/4 page image costs about ¥8,000 (about $80)

For larger projects or image sets I will make an estimate based on what you need, what I am able to do and how much time it will take.

So let’s talk.


I’ve recently expanded into the world of children’s literature with my first title: Zombies! The Stinking Dead

It’s about two goofball friends who think a zombie horde is right outside their door.

Find out what happens and check out some preview images by checking the story out in iTunes or in PDF format.

Terms of Use

It takes a lot of time, effort, and love to make My English Images, and it’s a real pleasure doing so. If this were a perfect world I’d be able to give all these goodies away for free and would be happy to do so. But I have a family to take care of. So if you like the work you see here, think about making a donation, picking up one of the books or even just telling people about the site.

Terms of use cover all free and for-purchase materials on this websitemy portfolioblogsTwitter, and Facebook.

You may:

– use images as decorations in your classroom and as teaching aids.
– copy and distribute them WITHOUT CHARGE to students or teachers in your school.
– use them in the body of other materials which you will use in your classes such as worksheets.

You may not:

– distribute the images bundled or included in new sets, files, books etc without permission.
– sell or resell the images in any format.
– alter the images.
– claim ownership, authorship, or credit for image creation.
– post the images to your blog or website without giving express credit.


If you contact me or purchase images from my sites, your information will never knowingly be shared with third parties at any time or for any reason, ever.


These Terms of Use are subject to change. It may be that I need to reword or alter the terms and conditions of this agreement. I’ll avoid doing this as best I can to avoid confusion.


If you have any ideas about changing or updating these terms, or if you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at any time at the address below. I’m pretty easy going and more than likely a politely worded question or request will get you a positive response.


All images and information copyright F Michael Kloran unless otherwise stated.

You might want to read this very informative little paper on copyright artwork and why it’s not a great idea to simply rip people off.

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