About My English Images

Hi! I’m Mike, and these are My English Images. Here, you’ll find an ever-growing pool of resources for teachers and parents, full of friendly characters to brighten up any classroom. 

I make custom images and materials based on the classes I teach and your requests! So, don’t be afraid to get in touch and help shape the future. 

What do you mean you make “custom” images and materials?
I make unique images to make your school or class stand out and make learning more enjoyable for your kids. You may need images to illustrate a scene in a story, or maybe you are planning a ten-part class about writing email and you need a consistent look to your materials. In any case, I can help make your ideas come to life. 

How does that work exactly?
It’s pretty simple really. I start out by listening to your ideas and creating a sample. If you like it, I’ll set a price based on how much work is involved and how long the work will take. Once you’re satisfied, I’ll make the final version and deliver the artwork or materials. 

How I make my illustrations from listening and sketching to final art and delivery.

How long does it take to create these images? 
Great question! It depends on what you need. A single, simple worksheet or image of a character can often be done in a day. Bigger, more complicated projects understandably take more time. 

How do you make your images? 
I usually start with a few sketches, add line art, then color. In the past, I used opaque watercolors which I still love, but these days, I use digital media so I can make adjustments more easily. 

Do you use AI to generate your images? 
No. AI has been a very helpful tool for the technical aspects of my work as a proofreader. However, the idea of offloading imagination, creativity, and thinking to AI is lazy.

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Where can I see your work? 
You’ll find over a thousand illustrations right here, but to see the latest images I’m making (and the occasional obligatory cat pics) feel free to connect on Instagram #MyEnglishImages

a letter carrier

 Want to know more? Contact me any time with questions, (constructive) feedback, suggestions, or requests for updates and new content!

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