Swing Ring

kids playing swing ring

Swing Ring is a simple game that’s fun for kids or adults. You can buy one online for around twenty dollars, or make one yourself like I did. In my case, I used an old chair, and some binder rings. You can easily make one out of cardboard as well. 

How to Play

There are two rings hanging from strings on each side of the board. Kids swing the ring and try to land on their hook. They must swing the ring, not toss it. This is admittedly very tempting for kids (and adults if I’m honest). Each player has a stone, or marble or other game piece. Each time a player gets their ring on the hook, they move their game piece forward. The first one to the end is the winner. 

You can also play with a single game piece. Start in the middle. When a player hooks the ring, they move their piece forward. If their opponent hooks the ring, they move it back. In this version, the two players are trying to push the piece to the other player’s side of the board. 

In the Classroom

Games in the classroom should have a point, either to make learning fun, or as a form of instruction. In this case, try having kids swing the ring. Each time they miss, they have to read a word or say a phrase. When they hook the ring, they have to say a new (maybe sillier) word. Since kids (and adults) will miss the ring ninety percent of the time, this allows for lots of repetition. 

The equipment can easily be broken down for storage, but you’re still not likely to have a lot of these for all your kids. Even one or two can make for a great time. Simply split kids into teams and let the games begin! 

Outside the Classroom

Apparently this game is popular in bars in the US and is sometimes used as a drinking game. I have never seen this before and I even worked as a bartender in college so I’m not really sure how popular it is. At any rate, try using this next time you have a BBQ or get-together with friends or coworkers! 

Have you played this game with your friends or students? How did it go? Did you come up with any interesting variations? Let us know in the comments below! 

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