Writing Prompt

Many of the students I work with do some writing based on a prompt like introducing themselves or their companies, sample emails, or short essays about new products. I usually give guidance or feedback to them and expect the next draft to be a bit better. 

It’s not that creative, just good, practical writing. 

For something a little more creative, try giving your students an image as a prompt. Ask them to tell you about the character in the image, to make up a name and backstory. Then let your imagination go. Have students tell you what’s going to happen next, and why they think so.

There are lots of images on My English Images you can use for story prompts, but this little fellow is my favorite.

Teachers Doodle Too
I have a pretty full teaching schedule with short periods between classes. Sometimes, just to keep myself sane, I end up doodling in my notes for the day. 

In this case, the little adventurer on the right happened to flow out of my pen. (I’ve blurred out and smudged my actual notes; they were boring anyway.) 

Somehow, I really liked this little guy and decided he deserved to have a little more color. Honestly, I’d say he represents a real step forward with my drawing as well. 

So what happens next? 
Let me know! I’d love to hear your students’ stories about who this guy is and what happens to him next. Comment below or at me on Instagram or Twitter

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