These books represent more than fifty of my most popular English conversation lesson handouts. 

Each page contains samples of clear communication and speaking techniques along with plenty of phrases, patterns to drill, and, of course, lots of my English images.

All About Me

In each worksheet, characters use simple language to talk about themselves and describe their lives. 

Hello Goodbye

The easiest way to teach greetings is to just great people naturally as you see them. 

For a fun mixer, try the “find a friend” activity in a big group.

Starting conversations

The easiest way to teach greetings is to just great people naturally as you see them. 


For beginners, saying more, adding extra information can be a bit of a challenge. So start with some simple words like but, and, because, so.

Simple Q&A

These worksheets look at simple, repeated patterns that allow students to communicate in a clear, effective way. Mastering these patterns gives them something to build more natural expression on while still communicating clearly.

Yes/No Questions

The sheet on the left is a little easier than the sheet on the right. Each of them should help students answer yes/no questions more smoothly and naturally.

Can you ?

Each of these sheets looks at questions using “can”, but you knew that already, didn’t you?

Follow-up Questions

Learning to continue your conversation in another language can be a challenge. Follow-up questions are a good way to start expanding. 

I really do/don't

“I don’t really like” is a bit different from “I really don’t like” so take care when presenting this often confused pair of expressions.

(Fun fact: The “like / don’t like” sheet is the only one I actually appear in. And I have a really bad sunburn too!)



Family is everything for some people, I know it is for me. So, it’s no surprise that it comes up in conversation all the time. 



Regardless of what kind of entertainment, people love talking about their favorite pastimes. Music, sports, reading, you name it.


Whether you celebrate the religious or secular versions of holidays, I hope you enjoy them all.


Honestly, I don’t like travel at all. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being in new, interesting places, but actually getting there, the plane ride, the train ride etc. is a bit of a pain. So my goal this year is to bite the bullet and do a bit of traveling. 


There are lots more worksheets and discussion samples I’d like to get posted here. As I start adding more materials to the site, I’ll expand these into their own sections. Of course, feel free to get in touch and write in with ideas of what you’d like to see here and in your classroom.


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