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100 Common Uncommon Words


100 curiously common words perfect for anyone who loves language. 

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What’s it all about? 
100 Common Uncommon words grew out of my experience teaching at a university in Japan. My students needed to learn more vocabulary, and I wanted to make it more fun. Whenever interesting or useful words came up in class, I drew them to review in the next class. Over time, we had quite a collection.

Who is the book for?
This book works best with highly competent upper intermediate to advanced students, though many of the words are simple enough for nearly any level to understand and use. 

What’s in the book?
Each page has two images, descriptions, and example sentences of the terms. Every ten words, you’ll find a review. You’ll also find all the illustrations as printable cards at the end of the book for easy preparation as review material. 

• 10 Uncommon Common Words
• 10 Uncommon Opposites
• 10 Similar Sounding Words 
• 10 Fabulously Formal Words
• 10 Commonly Misused Words
• 10 Words of Love
• 10 French Words Common in English
• 10 Commonly Misspelled Words
• 10 Words with Mythic Origins
• 10 Watchamacallit Words

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