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Conversation for Competent Beginners


This is my most popular collection of conversation-based worksheets. 

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What’s it all about? 
Each of the 26 lessons in this book looks at conversation through clear, easy-to-drill examples, natural dialogue, and speaking techniques like using follow-up questions and using conjunctions to add more. 

Who is this book for? 
Use this book with beginner students who are familiar with English and are ready to have short conversations. 

What’s inside? 
Pages are easy to print with lots of great examples, replacement drills, and dialogues for students to review – and of course, lots of amazing images. 

NOTE: This is a PDF file. 

  • Greetings: starting conversations, introductions
  • Jobs: adding information
  • Coworkers: personalities
  • Yesterday: past, adding information
  • Have you ever: hometowns
  • Weather: places and seasons
  • Sports: do, go, play
  • Experience: When did you ___ last
  • Family: brothers & sisters and yes/no questions
  • Neighborhood: places to live
  • How long: It takes ten minutes.
  • Future: going to, probably going to, might
  • Invitations: do you want to, let’s
  • Time: future, going to, clock time
  • Likes: sports, movies, games, pastimes
  • Pets: preferences, comparisons
  • Favorites: movies, actors, food, reasons
  • Feelings: feeling sick, symptoms
  • Last Summer: how many times, how long\
  • Else: daily chores, activities
  • What / Where / When: Wh questions
  • How often: once/twice a week, every day, never
  • Free time: movies, novels, internet, sports
  • Tomorrow: conversation flow, follow-up questions
  • Last weekend: past events
  • Saying goodbye: ending conversations
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