Intermediate Topics


This is a massive collection of lessons with topics drawn from daily life.  

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home towns

What’s it all about? 

Each worksheet in Intermediate Topics serves an individual class. Use them in whatever order you choose as the topics fit the needs of your students. Typically, one page is perfect for a single forty-five minute to one-hour class.

The Topics within were all chosen for their frequency of use and relatability rather than how wild and unusual they are. Many texts try to spice up lessons by talking about wild situations, exotic locations, extreme sports etc. and often come across as forced and unnatural as a result.

Who is this book for?

Use or adapt these lessons for upper elementary to lower intermediate students. I’ve used them with junior and senior high school students as well as adults. Some phrases or patterns might be tough for students at the lower end of the spectrum. So reword, adapt, and cut the longer conversations short.

What’s the goal of the book?

To illustrate speaking techniques or topics people often discuss and help speakers navigate those topics smoothly.

What’s in the book? 

For a full list of lessons and target topics, get a free sample below. 

Note: This is a PDF file.

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