Pronunciation Worksheets

Pronunciation is absolutely one of my favorite things to practice. Most of what I actually do with students doesn’t really fit on a worksheet though. The few sheets I’ve posted here are ones which have helped my students and which I hope can be of some help to yours as well. 

Let me know if there are distinct sounds or pronunciation ideas you’d like to see added here. 

Minimal Pair Pyrammids

Minimal pairs are words in a language that are different in one small way and have different meanings. Think of words like mile and Nile. Just one sound is different but the meaning changes significantly. 


Numbers can be really tricky to use in English as can their pronunciation. This sheet brings a little fun to numbers even if you aren’t a big math nerd. 

Thirty Dirty Little Turtles

This is a funny little thing I saw when practicing the tricky “t” sounds that soften to sound like a “d”. Think of the way the “ty” in thirty sounds like “D” or the “tt” in little sounds like a “D”. 

Vowel Sounds

A simple group of images related to the various sounds that vowels make. 

Not Just Dropped T Sounds

I made this sheet with the intention of prating the dropped “T” sound in English but just kept falling down the rabbit hole. Happily I might add, and all thanks to the people at I’ve recommended them elsewhere on the site but they really are worth checking out and they deserve all the credit for the information in this sheet. 

This sheet is my attempt at condensing the information I found there into a manageable format for a handful of students. 

T, D, ED Word Endings

Shirt, Short, Shirts, Shorts

These sounds are notoriously tough for some learners but I’ve found that having a visual reference can sometimes help.

Indian Pronunciation Patterns

Many of my adult students work with men and women from India. It’s not helpful for my students to mimic Indian pronunciation patters but understanding the patterns certainly helps them with listening and communication. 

TH Pronunciation

TH sounds can be a bit tricky for non-native speakers. This simple list of terms for practice is by no means exhaustive but is the perfect amount of practice for a single class.

English Linking Sounds

What happens when one word ends and the next begins? Sometimes, if you have the right combination of letters, the words link together in fun and interesting ways.